Il Pirata… Tradition… Product... Territory… Passion… Innovation ...

One of the most beautiful fisherman's village of Italy, Laigueglia, is where Nonna Anna landed in 1987!

 Since then, the Passion has led us to a continuous evolution, searching for the best Product, remaining close to our fantastic Territory and Tradition, trying to innovate in a modern way.

We’re the first to try to imagine ourselves sitting at our tables, and for this reason we use just the best ingredients and the most genuine products.

Our Wish... to make every experience unique!

The Restaurant

A modern and traditional cuisine that enhances the best of Liguria’s Slow Food products will guide you to discover products such as Vessalico’s Garlic, Conio’s Beans, Violet Asparagus of Albenga and the Belendina’s Onion...pairing them to the best fishes of Our Sea.

Sourdough, Water, Flour and Salt are the main ingredients of our home wood oven’s cooked products such as bread, focaccia, breadsticks and various delicious pastry, Stroscia all'Olio, Brutti and Buoni, Pasta of Meliga with Calizzano Corn.




The Winery
2021 - The EnoPirata is born

From the passion for wines of Luca and Giada, and the new collaboration with Gianni, the new EnoPirata is born.

With the professionalism of FISAR sommeliers, we will guide you in choosing and matching a thousand of local, national and international wines labels.

Business in Laigueglia, today the inauguration of the "Enopirata"

"Luca Bertora challenges the economic crisis in the fishing village"

LA STAMPA - Savona

Wine tasting

In addition to the countless wines to taste, enjoy your aperitif with delicious combinations of land and sea appetizers and snacks.


For all wine lovers, we offer a wide selection of labels suitable for every palate.


See you next summer!!!

The beach

Located in the historic "Ondina" beach, "Almar" beach bar offers to all customers the possibility to enjoy the bar and kitchen services.

The bar

From the morning scents of coffee and croissants, passing to the tasting of refreshing lunch wines to the opportunity to relax with a cocktail at sunset.

The kitchen

From over 30 years of experience and continuous gastronomic development the new gourmet offer by "Il Pirata" is born, a fresh and dynamic wave to be enjoyed directly on the beach.

"Il Pirata"

 Piazza Lorenzo Maglione, 3


Via Cian de Scaie, 3


Bagni"Ondina"Corso Badaro',7

Phone: +39 0182 499863 - 17053 Laigueglia (SAVONA) - Italy